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Save up to 30% on your SaaS spending

Squrb cuts excess SaaS spending by identifying unused subscriptions and wasteful plans.

These rapidly growing companies have cut their SaaS costs by 20%

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Save two months worth of subscriptions costs.

Squrb customers save up to two months worth of their subscriptions costs by closing inactive accounts, downgrading subscription plans, and removing inactive members.


Get actionable insight each month.

Each month we'll send you actionable optimizations recommendations and insights so you get the most bang for your subscription buck.


All Services. All teams.
One Dashboard.

Bring your team and services on the same page and take control of your recurring costs.

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"Early this year SaaS became #2 cost item at Zemanta, a 40 person marketing tech company from New York. Squrb helped us identify unused SaaS subscriptions and wasteful plans driving $51,000 in annual savings."

Todd Sawicki, CEO of Zemanta

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